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Our Objectives :
To listen to you; to advise you; to accompany you; to act in the best interests of your project.

Our Know-how :
We can provide you with all the elements needed to build in your area. We find you the manufacturers that meet three key points of; construction techniques; Architectural Style, and Budget. We can provide you with practical support and organise all aspects of the assembly. We provide you with an experienced team of professionals for your project.

Our Commitment :
To respect your construction wishes and to stay within your budget. To ensure the materials ordered meet those required in your blueprint. To supervise the build and ensure everything is completed as specified in you plans.

Our Resources :
Independent contractors each with their own speciality. Draughtsmen, professional architects specialised in wooden structures, masons, carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, zinc-workers, earthwork contractors, heating engineers etc. We put all the trade associations at your disposal.

How ?
By respecting your budget, by uniting your ideas. Our experience, our resources and our professional connections come together with your construction wishes to become a job well done. We adapt and work to bring you your personalised/customised house.